Big Picture SI’s work with non-profits strengthens their ability to measure and maximize the impacts of their programs.  


Our consultants work with you to design the evaluation appropriate for your program,  and then to collect and analyze the data that helps you understand better your programs and their impact on the community you serve.  

The evaluations we facilitate range from simple tracking of a handful of key program metrics, to fully instrumenting your program’s key outcomes, outputs and inputs.  For foundations and government funders, we also offer in-depth, randomized control trials through partnerships with key research institutions.  


Big Picture SI develops and implements data collection and analysis technology, implementing third party solutions as well as providing custom software solutions to non-profits committed to using data to improve their programs and extend their reach.  We are experienced in numerous hardware and software platforms, including Access, SQL Server, and Social Solutions’ Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) software.    


Big Picture SI has many years experience leading continuous improvement and large-scale improvement teams in a variety of arenas.  We help you build capacity through continuous program improvement:

  • Facilitate initial projects,
  • Train your staff in CPI (Continuous Process Improvement),
  • Help develop and analyze the program’s logic model,
  • Instrument the inputs, outputs and outcomes (data collection),
  • Analyze data and make recommendations


Big Picture SI does ongoing research into the causes and drivers of the challenges our clients are addressing in their communities (see our Publications page).